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The Chosen Readers

“The Chosen Readers are very excited as we are off to the Best Book Awards.”

The Chosen Readers is a book club run by the library at Chosen Hill School. It is open to all Year 7 and 8 students who enjoy reading. We meet once a month in the library to discuss that months book and choose our next read, chocolate biscuits are also usually involved.

Latest Reviews

You Don't Know Me

Emily Tutton, 13

Ever wanted to be a super star? Four best friends unexpectedly win a major singing contest. After the best singer gets kicked out for being too fat. The world starts judging them in a bad way. But that's not true, nobody knows what really happened. Being famous isn't always as it seems.

Dead Romantic

Emily Tutton, 13

Dead Romantic is a novel which includes romance, mystery and science. Have you ever considered creating a boyfriend? A Frankenstein inspired story about a girl who would kill for the perfect boyfriend. After she befriends the school science freak and people start going missing. She questions if she is doing the right thing.

You Don't Know Me

Joe Wyer, 12

You Don't Know Me wasn't really my type of book. The story line was a bit predictable and girly for me. However, I liked how it gets the message across that whatever size, shape or how good looking you are, you can still have talent. It's a good book but it's not really for me.

You Don't Know Me

Olivia Petris, 12

This book is a 'feel good' read. A typical girl book (not really for boys). It was never boring and I was pleased about how they presented the theme of cyber-bullying. Also, the books front cover is intriguing and really suits the books story.

You Don't Know Me

Megan Marshall, 12

I quite like this book because it's about music, but the end was a little rubbish compared to the rest of the book.


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