The Fault in Our Stars

Winner The Fault in Our Stars

Written by John Green

Published by Penguin

Hazel’s parents want her to be an ordinary teenager. Unfortunately, it’s hard to live a normal life when you’ve got terminal cancer, an oxygen tank to lug around with you and worries about the impact your death will have on those around you to deal with. But when Hazel meets Augustus at the Teen Cancer Support Group her life is completely changed.

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Abbie L, 13

The Fault in Our Stars is amazing and I love it! It was sad and emotional but romantic and funny in the same places. I love the fact that Hazel (one of the main characters) at first pushes Gus away because she didn't want to hurt him with her cancer but that's what makes Gus love her even more. I think that girls from age of ten onwards would love this because they would undersatnd it but girls younger than this won't get it or understand or appreciate the love.

Holly P, 13

In this touching and amazing book the author John Green really shows the readers how each character independently feels about each situation as it happens in the book. He shows Hazel as an independent cancer fighter with a little help from her parents and the hospital. Augustus is shown as a dream boy who was a cancer survivor and is a guy who flirts with Hazel. A highlight of the book for me was when Hazel and Augustus kissed for the first time in the Anne Frank house because it showed the love between them. It was a book I couldn't put down and Would recommend it to other teenagers and adults alike.

Poppy R, 13

The Fault in Our Stars is a very emotional book that makes me want to break down in tears. It is sad, romantic and funny - everything you need in a book. One moment you will be laughing and the next thing you know you have tears streaming down your face. I find it sad that at first Hazel pushes Gus away because she does not want to hurt him even more. But the funny thing is that it makes Gus love her even more. My favourite character has got to be Hazel because she does not let anyone stop her from following her heart and dreams. Her favourite book was An Imperial Affliction and she wanted to meet the author Peter Van Houton. When Gus gave her an opportunity to go to Amsterdam to meet him she unfortunately took a turn for the worse and was rushed into hospital to have some fluid removed from her lungs due to her cancer. Hazel was devastated not to go but later on, after she had returned home, she had an email to say she was going! She went with her Mum and Gus and they had a great time. But then there is a twist in the plot as Gus is the one who became ill and eventually died. I found this the saddest part and made me cry the most. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read. It is truly amazing and inspires me to carry on going when times are hard.

Emily D, 13

I thought this book was very interesting because the author gave an insight into how people with cancer might feel. The main character is Hazel who has a cancer that affects her lungs and her ability to breathe and so she is always connected to an oxygen cylinder. Her life is hard and she is often miserable, however, her life changes when she meets cancer survivor Augustus Walters. Overall 'The Fault in Our Stars' is a very moving book. I would not recommend it to younger children because in some places it is really sad. I think although there was sadness... I really liked this book because it was really easy to get in to.

Bethany Cowlbeck, 13

Normally, it can take me over two weeks to read a book: I read 'The Fault in our Stars' in three days, and cried for most of the final chapters. It's such a beautiful and inspiring book, because you bond with the characters and go through the story with them, you feel hope for Hazel and Augustus, only to be crushed when he becomes ill. You cry when he dies, though the book gives you a new perspective on life and death.

John Green is a master of words, letting you feel Hazel's emotions as she falls in love with Augustus "the way you fall asleep: Slowly, and then all at once.

I wasn't going to read the book, because I knew how emotional it would be, but I'm so glad I did, and would recommend it to anyone prepared for the heartache.

Layla, 12

I hardly ever read books but after reading the blurb I thought I would give it a go even though the front cover looked boring. I read the first chapter and that was it...I was hooked.I couldn't put it down. I loved the book so much. There was just so much emotion and feeling in the book. The book made me feel like I'm living her life and feeling what she's feeling. If you only read one book this year this should be the one.

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