Andy Jordan

Andy is best known for his role on E4’s hit television series Made in Chelsea. He is also a competitive sportsman, and has a passion for extreme sports, which led him to set up his own ski and surf brand with his brother. He is also a keen singer and can play the guitar, which you can see him pursue in the latest series of Made in Chelsea. He is a keen supporter of charity, and recently became an ambassador for Cure for Cancer and the National Autistic Society. As well as this, he recently raised money for The Princes Trust, completing a 200 mile stand-up paddle down the length of the Thames.

Andy Jordan

Question & Answer

What is your favourite children's book of all time?

Probably Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love the fantasy of it, whilst still believing that there really is a Willy Wonka out there!

What books do you remember enjoying as a child?

The Biff and Chip books. My mum used to read them to us every night, and the pictures were epic.

Who are your favourite children's authors or illustrators?

Roald Dahl is my favourite. I read all of his books with my brothers: we would read a page out loud at a time.

How does it feel to be a Best Book Awards judge?

It’s a real privilege to be a Booktrust Best Book Awards judge, because there is nothing better than being given the excuse to spend a few weeks reading children’s books