Awards Categories

The Best Book Awards include awards in seven different categories.

The Best Picture Book

Ages 0 - 5

This award is for the best picture book for children aged 5 and under. It recognises the most engaging books for the youngest readers, taking into account the quality of both writing and illustration.

The Best Story Book

Ages 6 - 8, Ages 9 - 11, Ages 12 - 14

These awards recognise the best storytelling, rewarding the most excellent writing for children in different age ranges.

The Best Fact Book

Ages 9 - 11

This award is for the best factual book for children at upper primary level. It recognises the most interesting, exciting and engaging non-fiction books for this age group, taking into account the quality of both text and illustrations.

The Best Tech Stuff

Ages 0 - 14

The Best Tech award recognises digitally enhanced storytelling. It will reward apps, ebooks and other products that use sounds, visuals, and games in innovative ways to make the reading experience richer and more interactive.